Cooking Gas Lighter

The electronic gas lighter uses a piezo-electric crystal of Japanese origin. This crystal has a property to generate voltage when it is mechanically deformed. It generates high voltage across a spark gap which when in proximity to a gas would ignites it. Electromagnetic Gas lighters are being used by cooking gas users. It is durable due to its performance and economical as compared to the mechanical and electrical lighters. It does not require battery for its operation. It is safer, economical, reliable and quick in action. It requires virtually no maintenance.

Market Potential

The demand of any type of gas lighter is directly related to the use of domestic gas connections by various household in the country. However, users go in for various types of gas lighting devices i.e. matches, flammable/refill gas lighters or electromagnetic gas lighters. The preference to use electromagnetic gas lighters is quite high because of its inherent advantages stated above. Even existing refill gas lighters user increasingly switching over to electromagnetic gas.

The cost of gas lighter is very well within the reach of users and therefore demand is increasing day by day

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